Pam Gentry Your Mossman Specialist

When you hear of a "Mossman" Home, you think of quality because of the excellent reputation of Mossman/Gladden Homebuilders. Some of the outstanding features that you will find in these homes are: pitched roofs, perimeter heating, hardwood floors, big lots, excellent floorplans and overall quality of construction.

Mossman-Gladden Custom Deluxe Homes founder Fred A. Mossman. A rancher originally from South Dakota Mossman built wooden highway bridges and Safeway stores throughout the state of New Mexico. From 1948 through 1984 he personnally oversaw the construction of his homes to insure the quality he demanded.

Aesthetically, Mossman homes are far superior to many homes built today. The detail to quality features like hardwood floors over a crawlspace, large rooms, vaulted ceilings, custom-crafted fireplaces and ergonomic kitchens.

The specific neighborhoods where you will find a Mossman have ethereal names like Altamont, Stardust Skies, Highland North and Bear Canyon Village. Roughly, a grand total of 7,500 Mossman-Gladden homes were built here in Albuquerque.

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