To Move Or Not

Thinking of relocating to a different state when you retire? Eleven states experienced faster senior growth than Florida in the 1990's, according to American Demographics magazine. Nevada experienced the highest senior population growth rate (70%) followed by growth of more than 25 percent in Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Utah, and Colorado. South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia each recorded growth of at least 19 percent in senior populations.

There are a range of steps to consider when you prepare to buy or sell a house. Here are some thoughts:

  • Select a REALTOR® experienced in and knowledgeable about the area to do an analysis of the property. A REALTOR with the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation is especially equipped to work with mature clients.
  • Make sure your agent has a specific marketing program and performs in a timely way. If you are selling, pay heed to special problems the agent might indicate, such as whether the house needs work, is too cluttered or too pristine. If you are buying, make sure the agent understands your needs, and is acting to meet them.
  • Don't feel overwhelmed. Break the process into steps and take them one at a time. Look at this as a business transaction. If selling, remember that your home is an asset, no matter how many happy years you spent in it. Try to look at it objectively. The memories don't stay with the house, they stay with you.

Source: Lifestyle, 2001