About Pam



As the daughter of an Air Force family, I have lived many places during my childhood - from San Francisco to St. Louis and from Japan to Panama. After settling in Albuquerque in 1967 I graduated from Sandia High School in 1971 and attended the University of New Mexico. I became a Realtor in 1976 and have been happily working with families like yours ever since. I have been married since 1981 and am the proud mother of 3 girls - also graduates of Sandia High, U.N.M. and C.N.M.

The Advantages of Working with Pam Gentry

I will be a valuable resource during your real estate transaction. With more than 35 years experience I have helped bring hundreds of buyers and sellers together in Albuquerque.

Multiple Listing Service

As a member I can show you any property even when listed with another Realtor. If you should see an ad in the paper or a sign in a yard, call me to find out the information. If you want to see it, I'll show it to you.

New Homes

I can work with most builders and can get all the information you need to make any decisions, but I will need to accompany you to the property on the initial visit. By letting me help you with builders, you get all of my services, plus thos offered by the builder. You'll get more but you won't pay for it.

I Can Help You With Financing

 Financing Alternatives - With my experience I am familiar with many kinds of financing. Unlike a Lender, I have no possible "incentive" to recommend one type over the other. Therefore I can help you decide which program is really best for you.

Pre-Approval Program

I can help you find a lender who will provide you with "pre-approval" not just "pre-qualifying". The difference can help you get a better price for the home you decide on by reassuring the seller that their is no possiblity of a financing problem.

Other Advantages

You become familiar with how I work
You can place confidence in my ability
We develop rapport necessary to communicate easily
I can offer you knowledge of neighborhood
I can afford to make a commitment in time and effort because I can feel assured of making a sale

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