First Class Experience

When I found myself working with many senior citizens, I decided to take the courses required to obtain my SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) designation. I have found what I learned invaluable, not only in working with seniors but in working with all of my clients.

The sale or purchase of a home, of course, can be trying at any age. But as people approach or begin retirement, new difficulties can emerge, including anxieties about parting with 30 years or more of memories; questions about how the transaction should fit into larger estate planning, and uncertainties about whether the next house could be, or should be, the last house.

Accordingly, such customers don't always need a hard-charging salesperson as much as they do an adviser, someone with the skills -- and perhaps most important, the patience -- to navigate what could be a lengthy passage.

Does a client have a question about inheritance laws and the sale of a house? A senior specialist provides a tax attorney with the answers. Does a client, widowed and alone, need a ride to the doctor? The senior specialist pulls up to the front door. Is a client unable to make a decision about selling his or her house? The senior specialist steps back and waits -- for years, if necessary.

If you are a senior or are a friend of family member of a senior who may need help in the real estate field, let me know. I can help.

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